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Prospective Parents

Thank you for considering Colfax Charter Elementary for your student! We are proud to be an incredible resource in the Valley Village area for families who value public education and all the benefits of attending a neighborhood school. We are an affiliated charter school, the first in the San Fernando Valley, which means we have more autonomy over our curriculum, class sizes, enrichment, budget and school site decisions while still enjoying all the benefits of being a part of the Los Angeles Unified School District.

For information about how to enroll your student, please visit our Enrollment page.

Colfax Boundaries

Colfax Charter is a highly desired neighborhood school.  We believe all children should have a quality education, but our responsibility is to serve all of the students living within the Colfax boundaries set by the District. Please see the Colfax Boundary Map below or search your address to see if your address falls within the new boundaries.

If you do not live within the District defined boundaries, we will not be able to register your child. If a question about your address arises, we have the responsibility to check. This may be done by requesting additional utility bills, calling managers, or by visiting the address you have listed. Please do not provide a false address when registering. If we find out that you have done so, we are required to transfer your child out immediately. This would be very difficult for your child. Please do not put your child in this position because you falsified your address.

Option areas are shown in yellow.
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