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Emergency Information

Emergency Forms

It is critical that the information we have on file from your emergency form is up to date and accurate. In the event of an emergency, the school personnel will not release your child to anyone other then the people listed in your emergency contact information. Please be aware that the persons listed on the form will be asked for identification before your child is released. 

Get to know your neighbors, particularly if you work far from home! In the event of a major emergency, you may not be close by to pick-up your child. It is a good idea to make a neighbor or another parent one of your emergency contacts.

Family Reunification In the Event of an Emergency

In the event of a fire or earthquake, teachers will evacuate their classes to the playground away from buildings.  Each class follows the evacuation route to the assembly area. Once the class arrives at the assembly area, attendance is taken to ensure all students are accounted for and that report is sent to the command center.

The Request Gate and Reunion Gate are set up to allow parents to take students home in case of emergency. Parents will come to the Request Gate (look for the posted sign on Morella Avenue near Huston Street) where they will be asked for identification to verify that they are listed on the emergency card. Once confirmed, an escort will go and retrieve the student from their assigned area and meet the parent at the Reunion Gate (also located on Morella Avenue but closer to Addison Street). It is highly encouraged that you familiarize yourself with the location of these two gates ahead of time.

When it is safe to pick up students following an emergency, parents and guardians should:

  • Bring identification, such as a driver’s license or state I.D. to check a student out following an emergency. 
  • Report to the school’s Request Gate, where you will identify yourself to school staff and request that you child be sent out. You must bring identification and you must be listed on the child’s emergency card in order to check a student out.
  • Move to the Reunion Gate after completing check-in. The student will be brought to you. Separating the two gates alleviates crowding and lessens anxiety for children who may become frightened by a large crowd of parents.
  • Check cellphone calls and text messages as well as signs at school for any special instructions. Parents will receive information and updates about the status of an emergency through Blackboard Connect automated phone messages.


How does colfax prepare for emergencies?

We have emergency supplies

Colfax has emergency supplies, including a one-day supply of food and a five-day supply of water, as well as first aid supplies, rescue equipment and other basic necessities. These supplies are inspected regularly and used during drills. 

We conduct regular drills

Colfax conducts regular drills for various types of emergencies. In addition, we participate in the Great California ShakeOut in which we practice search and rescue and medical response techniques. We also conduct a second supplementary drill in the spring to review lockdown procedures. Our Safe School Plan is updated annually customized to meet the school’s changing needs. A copy of this plan is kept in the Main Office. 

We have safe buildings

Public K-12 schools in California are legally required by the Field Act to be built to a higher construction standard than other buildings and are inspected more frequently – this makes them less likely to collapse during an earthquake. Colfax also has fire alarms, sprinklers and extinguishers. We undergo annual safety inspections by the Office of Environmental Health and Safety, and the local Fire Department. Additionally our campus is a locked/secure campus. During the school day, there is only one gate through which someone can access the school. Visitors must be buzzed in securely through the Main Office entrance on Colfax Avenue.

We have trained personnel

Our teachers are first aid certified and we have a school nurse twice a week. There are numerous first aid and CPR courses offered through the district for free to school personnel. In addition, free online courses in disaster preparation and response and emergency management are offered to every school district employee through the STEPS program. If there is an emergency at school, school personnel have been trained and will react quickly to protect children. LAUSD has its own police force to help with safety and security.

Keep Yourself Informed

Keep yourself informed of school procedures by attending parent meetings, reading the student-parent handbook and weekly school newsletter (The Colfax Connection) and checking the school website periodically. Ask your child about emergency drills at school and make sure that your family is prepared for emergencies, too.