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Physical Education

All classes receive thoughtful, engaging physical education year-round, provided by campus favorites, Coach Mark and Ms. Alex. During these classes, students learn to work as a team, try new skills, explore the outdoors and burn off some energy all while exploring new ways to keep their bodies healthy through physical & mental exercise! We are able to staff this program thanks to parent donations to PACE.


Since living an active lifestyle and being physically fit is essential to good health, every Wednesday during Psychomotor you can find our team of dedicated staff members and volunteers working with the students. Students have the choice of several activities on a rotating basis and practice social skills while getting active in a fun environment. Various playground games and sports are available during this time.


In addition to Psychomotor, during P.E. time our staff leads students in activities geared at developing game skills that are success oriented and non-competitive. These standards-based lessons are fun and increase cardio health and muscle strength. This is a dedicated time for each class to engage in a focused group activity as well as monitor fitness milestones of our students.

Running Club

Running Club is a free program sponsored by PACE that is open to ALL students at Colfax Charter as well as parents and siblings. Offered Monday through Friday from 7:40-8:00am, we welcome you to run around the track before school starts. Get the blood flowing to your brain to start the day off strong and clear-headed -- and help your student get those wiggles out before the school day begins.

Every Colfax student is already enrolled in Running Club and has an individually bar-coded card ready and waiting to be used. To be a part of Running Club, your child doesn’t need to do anything other than show up, find his/her card, and run. The individual cards are scanned after each lap around the track and the data from the scanners is uploaded weekly to a designated website that keeps track of the miles. Results will be posted on a bulletin board regularly at school and parents can also check the website to see how many miles their children have run over the past weeks and months. In a regular school year, a number of Colfax students have completed the equivalent of a marathon, 50 miles, 75 miles, and even over 100 miles.

Running even just one or two laps a day really adds up over time. Run with friends! It is truly an excellent way to way to start the school day. There is scientific evidence, including recent studies of classes that ran before going into class and classes that didn’t, that kids perform better in school when they have exercised before class starts! Let's get running!


To volunteer to help in the mornings with Running Club, click here.