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The Colfax Improv Program will be taught by Colin Sweeney.  The program will be in line with LAUSD's theater standards while at the same time focusing on fun, play, relationship building, teamwork, positive self-talk, trusting your voice and having the courage to share it.  
Students in different grades will focus on a variety of skills that focus on some of the following:
Grade Level Concepts & Skills

Guided sensory journeys, retelling stories, creative play - classic Viola Spolin technique "parlor games" such as "spacewalk" and "gibberish interpreter" 


Storytelling, pantomime; determining beginning, middle, end - Second City technique of "object work" and building story together as a team.


Collaboration, improvisation, story dramatization, tableau, machine - Improv Olympic techniques of "give and take focus and bringing energy to the scene.


Character development, setting, plot, creating original scenes, making creative choices - Groundlings technique of inventing characters through physicality, personal experience and prior knowledge.


Complex character development, dramatizing historical events, adding technical elements - Beginning practical theater knowledge and theater history


Complex plot analysis, comparing and contrasting various literary genre, creating short plays and producing them, experiencing and understanding a variety of theatre styles in American history - introductions to acting methods by Meisner, Stella Adler, Stanislavsky and Strasberg.


Village Arts

Students have the opportunity to participate in musical theatre thanks to a partnership between Colfax and Village Arts. Each year, hundreds of Colfax students of all ages sign up for the Village Arts Fall Musical Theatre Program. These casts (sometimes one for every day of the week!) are comprised solely of Colfax students and rehearsals and performances take place in the Colfax auditorium.

2022 - The Lion King

2021 - The Aristocats

2019 - Alice in Wonderland

2018 - Wizard of Oz

2017 - 101 Dalmatians

2016 - Willy Wonka

In the Spring, Colfax students can join other students in the community for the Spring Musical Theatre Program, which takes place across the street from Colfax at Village Arts' space within Faith Presbyterian Church. Students participating in the Spring program are escorted across the street by Village Arts staff.

Financial aid is available for students who need assistance. Financial Aid Form

Alice in Wonderland

The mission of Village Arts is to provide affordable, safe educational programs in performance and visual arts for children and families living in the Valley Village and North Hollywood area, as well as providing a solution to the gap in arts education in the Los Angeles public school system.

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