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3rd Grade

Third Grade is a big year for Colfax Charter students! Our third grade team focuses on helping students become independent learners. We strive to provide a safe learning environment where mistakes are celebrated as teachable moments. Third graders will be given new responsibilities and opportunities to grow as citizens of the Colfax community on Student Council and other campus groups like Chorus and Orchestra.

In third grade we make the leap from  “learning to read” to “reading to learn”. Students will become “reading detectives” as they explore the clues authors leave throughout literature and non-fiction text. Inferential comprehension and drawing conclusions are just two of the many reading strategies that will be focused on this year. Writing should have purpose, and our third graders practice writing pieces that others will want to read. Fiction, opinion essays, and even letters to pen pals, turn writing into an everyday activity.

In math we are all about multiplying! A major standard in the third grade is learning those multiplication facts. We become math wizards as we learn to manipulate numbers, break them apart, and make real-world mathematics meaningful. Addition, subtraction, division, fractions, geometry, and more make third grade mathematics an exciting challenge.

Parent participation is a key factor in student success. Working together, the students, teachers and families of Colfax Charter will make third grade the best year yet!

3rd Grade Staff
Colfax 3rd Grade Teachers 2023-24: Mr. Sepkowitz, Ms. Chester, Ms. Steinbach, Ms. Reuben & Ms. Simon 
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Wendy Chester Teacher
Jana Reuben Teacher
Matt Sepkowitz Teacher
Maura Simon Teacher
Carrie Steinbach Teacher