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Kindergarten is a time of new beginnings, making friends, and learning lots of new ideas each and every day. Our goal is to create a safe and loving classroom community to help our children grow and learn the skills necessary to become effective communicators and lifelong learners. We encourage our students to explore and develop their social and academic interests while challenging them to acquire new skills and understanding.

We use a variety of instructional strategies to teach our Kindergarteners to work independently and cooperatively. Student learning environments may include whole group lessons, small group lessons, and learning centers. At this developmental stage, students are learning and honing basic skills for reading and writing, as well as how to build and maintain positive relationships with peers and adults. In kindergarten, learning is also incorporated into routines like singing songs that emphasize phonemic awareness or centers that allow children to experience math, science, and language in guided environments. Students are encouraged to explore and “play” to improve their thinking, social, and problem solving skills.

We are focused on making our students as responsible and self-reliant as possible by setting high expectations in both social and academic areas. Positive participation in your child’s education will help him/her achieve success. Teachers and parents help foster learning by providing structure, information, modeling, and challenges to our students’ natural talents. Therefore, this important year will be a cooperative effort involving teachers, students, and you, the families. We are confident that all our students will achieve success the school year!

Kinder Team
Colfax Kindergarten Teachers 2023-34: Ms. Haim, Ms. Galindo, Ms. Hamburger, Mrs. Yorke & Mrs. Tepper 
Staff Directory
Mayela Galindo Teacher
Kimberly Haim Teacher
Michelle Hamburger Teacher
Michelle Tepper Teacher
Bebe Yorke Teacher
Special Events

Throughout the school year, our Kindergarten celebrates a variety of special events put on by our Kinder Parent Leads and Room Parents just for the Kindergarten & TK students. These events are annual Colfax traditions our kids remember forever.

Halloween Party Day

Thanksgiving Feast

Polar Express & Snow Day

Spring Fling

End of the Year Park Party