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Our Colfax Library is the hub of our school with nearly 10,000 books available for our young readers! We have everything from the classics to fun new series available for checkout. All classes visit the library every other week and students can also elect to spend additional time there during breaks and recess. Resource teachers and reading specialists use the library for small group instruction and our parent groups and committees gather there when not in use by classes.

We are fortunate to have Ms. Colleen Benard, our librarian, who is also a former Colfax parent and Valley Village neighbor. She puts so much thought and heart into everything she does in the Library - from how books are displayed to which new series she knows the students will love. With generous donations from our PTA (proceeds from Book Fair) and PACE (proceeds from Read-A-Thon), we have a wonderful selection of the most current books and electronic subscriptions.

The school's first Principal, Mrs. Francis Pfortner, is legend among Valley Village residents who attended Colfax in the 1950's and 60's. She served as the school's leader for 16 years until 1966. Her dream of having a proper school library would not be realized until 2002 when parents and then Principal Joanie Freckmann raised $10,000 to turn two classrooms into the current day Wonder of Reading Library. With the support of former student, Tony Walker, who currently lives across the street, the library opened its doors and was named the Francis Pfortner Library.

During the 2018-19 school year, we were able to embark upon a complete library refresh project. Thanks to PACE, the library got a full facelift including new paint, beautiful new carpet, fun literary art installations, new books and more! The class of 2019 also donated a life-size and inspiring tree to the library as their legacy gift. In 2020, our PTA I.D.E.A. Commitee worked to source 200 new books for our collection that highlight diversity and celebrating all cultures and abilities.

Best Book Forward

To celebrate our love of reading, we have annual professional photos taken in the library of each student, teacher and staff member holding their favorite book. Framed posters of each class are displayed in our courtyard and updated in the fall of each year. Thank you to Jennifer Tanksley-Coss Photography and Innis Casey Photography for lending your incredible talents to this Colfax tradition each year.

Best Book Forward
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