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1st Grade

In the first grade the team works together to create lessons that meet the Common Core Standards, while differentiating the curriculum for the diverse needs of our students. First grade is a foundational year for the skills that build upon each other to create independent learners, with a focus on reading, writing, math, and growth mindset.  

We help the children to grow in self-confidence and independence, with the cooperation of the home, school, and community. We provide an enriching environment where our students develop in both academic areas as well as social-emotional well-being. We encourage students to embrace inclusivity in addition to fostering the concepts of empathy, leadership, and creativity. 

The first grade academic curriculum includes CKLA, Write from the Beginning, Eureka Math, Health and Wellness, Growth Mindset, Physical Education, TCI Social Studies, Amplify Science, and Mystery Science.


1st Grade Teachers
Colfax 1st Grade Teachers 2023-24: Ms. Juniel, Ms. Hanlon, Mrs. Watts, Mrs. Maynes, Ms. Mason
Staff Directory
Dorian Juniel   Teacher
Gina Mason   Teacher
Teresa Maynes   Teacher
Meghan Hanlon   Teacher
Carolyn Watts   Teacher