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4th Grade

Students in fourth grade read a wide range of literature in different genres. As they analyze informational text, students consider its overall structure and organization and how the author uses the evidence to support points in the text. There is a focus on academic language and domain-specific vocabulary, which supports reading and listening comprehension, writing and speaking.
In writing, students learn to create organizational structures that that support their purpose and write longer detailed informational explanatory texts. Students write narratives that orient the reader to the situation and unfold in a natural sequence of events.
Students are required to become proficient in basic computational procedures, develop conceptual understandings and become adept at problem solving. As well, they perform multi-digit arithmetic (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). They develop and understanding of fraction equivalence, addition and subtraction, and multiplication of fractions by whole numbers. In addition, students classify geometric shapes based on properties.
4th Grade Teachers
Colfax 4th Grade Teachers 2023-24: Ms. Shapiro, Mr, Rosen, Ms. Khalili, Mrs. Howe & Ms. Madsen
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Sara Howe Teacher
Evynn Khalili Teacher
Brittany Madsen Teacher
Tyler Rosen Teacher